Merkel’s Betrayal: From the Ethno-National Principle to an Afro-Islamic Germany, Part 1

By Guillaume Durocher on The Occidental Observer

European nationalists everywhere have been aghast at the ongoing flood of Africans and Muslims currently invading our Old Continent. Our Western politicians, far from seeking to contain this movement, have sought only to “organize” it. At the center of this has been German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who over many years has acquired a reputation as the tough-minded de facto leader of the European Union. Strangely, Merkel seems to reserve her rigor for fellow Germans and Europeans, never for the welfare-shopping foreign settlers. In this article, I would like to go over the recent decisions and statements of the German government, and contrast these with historical postwar attitudes towards non-European immigration. In short, I will present a decline in ethnic consciousness in German society, even at the highest levels of government, to the sorry condition of today.

During this crisis, politicians have been eager to signal their moral credentials in response to massively-publicized symbols, such as the tearful Palestinian girl who asked Merkel why she would be deported and the already-ubiquitous photo of child Aylan Kurdi, a child who drowned off the coast of Turkey. Less advertised are the victims of the foreign invasion, such as poor Germans evicted to make way for “asylum-seekers,” the non-consented imposition of a refugee camp in Dresden, or the rape of a seven-year-old little German girl by a “North-African-type” foreigner. The latter vicious crime was all the more symbolic in that the girl had been playing in a park dedicated “to the victims of fascism.” Nor was this an isolated incident. There have been other incidents of migrants raping European women. Allowing these migrants to settle in Germany is a moral catastrophe for the German people.

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