Merkel’s Betrayal: From the Ethno-National Principle to an Afro-Islamic Germany, Part 2

By Guillaume Durocher on The Occidental Observer

Part 1 of „Merkel’s Betrayal“

Migration: Give an inch, take a mile

The German story shows how the immigration problem has a tendency to snowball. First a guest worker (who will likely never return to lower wages in his home country), then his family, then their family, then the second generation, the third, and so on, who in turn become left-wing voters and form ethnic activist organizations to undermine the native European majority.

The inevitable economic underperformance (poverty, unemployment) and higher criminality (requiring extra policing) of the new populations then in turn pull the heartstrings of ethno-masochist Whites who, believing the fraudulent blank-slate propaganda concocted by the likes of Franz Boas or Stephen J. Gould, blame their own people for the failures of minorities. Thus the native majority loses its moral self-confidence — highly-important given the European propensity towards idealism. Turkish organizations in Germany naturally allege that failure to integrate is largely a result of lack of European openness and generosity (the relative success of European or East Asian immigrants is left unexplained).

Thus the Muslims are given German passports, even when their home countries continue to adhere to an ethnic concept of citizenship under which, where possible, second- and third-generation immigrants to Europe automatically retain their nationality of origin. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for example has urged Turks in Germany to not assimilate, calling it a “crime against humanity.” King Hassan II of Morocco once said on French television:

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