Germany is going down

By Dunkler Phönix (original post here)

This is the first part of a trilogy for our English- speaking comrades. We would like to share how we Germans feel about the actual crisis.

The articles are meant to transport our message of despair and hope in the darkest hour of Germany and Europe to all our White brothers and sisters in the world

(Für die Deutschsprachigen): Dies ist Teil eins einer Trilogie englischer Texte für unsere englischsprechenden Kameraden im Ausland. Bitte verbreitet sie, wo immer möglich, unter nichtdeutschen Mitstreitern (auch das nicht anglophone Ausland spricht ja meist Englisch als Fremdsprache).

Germany is going down!


Greetings from the land of sugar and rainbows! Here we all are linked together now in our will to help people who suffered and our thankfulness toward our grand chancellor.

Or so they would like to have it!

The German people is suffering a terrible fate! Thousands and thousands of „refugees“ (invaders!) are coming to us everyday, because our chancellor said that we would and could care for all of them.

And they are just the vanguard! Millions more are on their way.

It all happens exactly as Raspail did forecast it in „The Camp of the Saints“; we are just overrun.

In most of the bigger cities one will not notice anything different. Life is going on as before, people go to work, there is no shortage of supply, and if one is lucky enough not to have one of the „refugee-camps“ right before his eyes, he will have no „real life“ clue that something is different than before.

Our mass media act in a perfectly evil „double bind“ process: They do not keep silent about violence in the camps, about the storm at our borders and they openly discuss to activate the Bundeswehr (German Army) and even to obligate every German who is in his 18th year to help in the camps (which is very ironic since they just suspended the obligatory military service).

On the other hand people who speak against the refugees with exactly the same reasons given by the mass media, are accused to be „Nazis“ and „racists.”

They even discuss to obligate the Germans to let refugees live in their houses (for now in not inhabited ones, but give them time) and there are quite many „Gutmenschen“ (do-gooders) who do this voluntarily.

Since five years „As der Schwerter“ has been warning about a general crisis through mass immigration, but even we were abashed and utterly surprised in this summer of 2015 when they switched from a mass immigration that was already very high (one million in a year) to their deadly „open all borders“ politics.

Our chancellor told Netanyahu at a meeting: „this will be the last I can do for you!“ Until summer we wondered, what she could have meant.

The invasion is well organized, Soros and friends are telling the people in the Middle East and Africa, that they will get a house, a salary and access to university (all at once!) in Germany and Merkel perpetuates the message „come all!“ She for herself has more than one villa in Paraguay.

Sadly our military and police forces are doing nothing so far, but to administer this shit, they have been saying since weeks that they are on th point of overload, but they seem to have no idea how they could change the situation (well, I would have, being in their position…).

From the outside it must be a really big question why the German people „do nothing“ against it, but this is not true. There are thousands of people on the streets to demonstrate, and mostly everyone else is angry and shocked by the situation, but there really is nothing much that oneself can do (except not helping organizing the invasion).

It is not easy to predict if there will be one big crisis, a civil war (not only the invaders against the Germans, but partly and mostly the normal Germans against the do-gooders and the traitors) or if they will just flood our land with mud until we are diminished to some dinosaurs in their reservations. However it goes, our struggle will be hard, painful and there will be a lot of corpses.

This is the end of the Federal Republic of Germany, and I am not unhappy that the system has failed, I just mourn for our children and their coming suffering.

What is it to you, our friends in other countries?

Well, I am sure that when Germany falls, every other white country will follow. There will be no escape for whites, no safe haven, nowhere. The other European countries also have to struggle with the madness of mass immigration; Germany just takes the biggest part of the invaders. But Sweden, for example, being the smaller land, is now beyond all limits.

Even the US will suffer the same fate as Europe. On the one hand Obama has already welcomed some ten thousands of Syrian „refuges“, on the other hand you have to deal with your own invasion from the South. And lastly, who do you think will be send to Europe when our continent burns, to „help“ us (id est to shoot everyone who is willing to resist the invaders)?

What can you do?

Sadly, you cannot do much, like ourselves. We, the ones who see and understand, are a marginal part of our societies. Like us, you can provide for the great crisis, in the US you even are permitted to have guns (in Europe, especially in Germany, normal people are not allowed to own guns). And you should never forget and tell everyone of your own who still cannot see this that this is the time where all Whites have the obligation to stand together. Everywhere in the world the White Race is facing extinction. We cannot let this happen!

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children!


Massive immigration is genocide

What is at stake?

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