The Minimal Consent (White Man Edition)

By Dunkler Phönix (original article here)

This is the second part of a trilogy for our English- speaking comrades. We would like to share how we Germans feel about the actual crisis.

The articles are meant to transport our message of despair and hope in the darkest hour of Germany and Europe to all our White brothers and sisters in the world

(Für die Deutschsprachigen): Dies ist Teil zwei einer Trilogie englischer Texte für unsere englischsprechenden Kameraden im Ausland. Bitte verbreitet sie, wo immer möglich, unter nichtdeutschen Mitstreitern (auch das nicht anglophone Ausland spricht ja meist Englisch als Fremdsprache).

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The minimal consent (White Man edition)

(in the German original I state everything here said about Whites just for Germans, but I think we can expand that to our whole race!)

Put two white men in a room and you will get three opinions. Put seven white men in a room and they will found a club. Twelve white men will build thirty commodity teams that actually will not happen because everyone is busy sitting in the governing board.

I love my people and I love my race as it is! With all strengths and all alleged weaknesses that can crystallize as strengths and the other way around.

Even if I often despair nowadays watching my race, I love it. Because I just have that one.

Everyone thinking he could or had to educate the White Race to the better through „thinning“ and multiculturalism is not on my side!

Who has lost all faith in our race, I just pity.

Everywhere on the internet we find many who want the same or very similar things, but fight each other to the (virtual) bone, because they cannot agree about the colour of shit.

There are truly some Whites who are not on our side, who do not fight with us, who we should consider as enemies. These are the traitors who belief the White Race has no right to live. Who are happy about every single alien coming to our countries – not to socialize with them, but because they recognize them as displacement of the „Old White.“

Every other White, no matter if leftist or right-wing, liberal or conservative, counterjihady or atheistic, Christian or pagan, no matter from which white country – they are not our enemies!

There is a shocking tendency of dissociating from everyone who is called a „Nazi“ in the „Lügenpresse“ (the new German word for the lying mass media). It does not matter if those people really hold national socialistic ideas or not – because that is not what the denigration is about.

A „Nazi“, „racist“, an „anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist“, a „right-wing extremist“ for the Lügenpresse is just a white man who says:

I, as a white man, want to live with other whites of my own kind. My people and our traditions, my own children and the ones of my friends and colleagues – this is my group! It feels normal and right that we should dwell among ourselves in our own land in unity and freedom. And I hold members of other groups not as my kind!“

Everyone who says that is a racist Nazi pig spawn and will be hanged by the Lügenpresse, will be ostracized and ruined.

People who say about themselves „we are just residents, no Nazis!“ still not have understood that they are all together fucking Nazipigdogs – because they want their houses for themselves, because they do not want to be robbed on the way home from work, because they just want to LIVE.

He who opposes the Genocide on of the White Race is an anti-Semitic racist, an unperson who wants to gas everyone whose nose he does not like.

He who opposes to be bereft of his hard acquired wealth, his freedom by traitorous fat cats in co-work with wild hordes from Islamistan, is a right-wing extremist and a conspiracy theorist!

The White who wants to live, who wants his children to grow up in peace and liberty, is a Mega- Nazi!



I know, everyone has his mental „no go areas“, and I can respect that. Leftists do not want to be right-wing, atheists not believers, Christians not infidels, Catholics not protestants and the other way around. Even right-wing intellectuals do not want to be right-wing extremists, many detest a general rejection of foreigners as xenophobia or are opposed to anti-Semitism, racial thoughts, national socialistic ideas. Many right-wing people on the other hand loath the Leftists and their theories or the violent Leftist „activists.“

This is perfectly okay for everyone on his own but looking in behalf of the greater scheme of events it is a problem, too, because just these ideological fights make it easy for the enemy to split us up and rule over us, as the proverb says: “divide et impera”!

In the year 2015 a blind man with a stick can see that the White Race faces the greatest threat of all times (and, for the worse, by the majority is sticking the head in the sand). I this context these inner fights seem very petty-minded to me.

As soon as I know that the person in front of me is no foe, no one who denies my right and the right of my Race to live, he is, in fact, my friend and ally!

You should handle this the same, no matter if you are liberal, libertarian, libertarianistic, conservative, left-liberal, right-liberal, basic-democratic, anarchistic, left- or right- wing extremists – or whatever, no matter which religion you feel connected to and which religion(s) you refuse.

Only if we find back our UNITY, we can help ourselves to our RIGHT and this right is called FREEDOM!

Freedom does NOT mean that the wife wears not burka, but bikini while the husband is playing SM-games with the secretary (female or male) and the kids consider which of the fifty genders that one can choose on Facebook they should mark. That is the animalistic „freedom“ of the „West“, the Orwellian freedom (and thus, slavery).

Freedom means that a people is actually acting out the political sovereignty over its own national territory. Let us put „conspiracy theories“ about a certain other people and its influence in the West aside:

Do the White peoples have political sovereignty over their national territories?

If that was true, then there would not be thousands of human beings crossing our borders every day, beings stating things like „in Germany you get a house, a salary and an academic career!“ or „every day here is disco and everyone is drunk, I thought!“, thousands of human beings that do not speak our languages, not know how to behave in our countries, human beings with a foreign religion and a foreign cultural background, often aggressive and demanding, introducing terrible and deadly afflictions and being even a danger for the survival of our people if they were all specialized experts (then perhaps even more!)

And I do not need any discussion about me having to understand why they come. I am totally aware of that! If I was a cowardly, spineless soldier of fortune and even dumb enough to believe that I would be paid hundreds of thousands for doing nothing in Uruguay and that all the Uruguayan women want to couple with me, hell, I would want to go to Uruguay, too!

Where did all the Germans go 1945 after war, death and expulsion? Oh, right, they STAYED and built up their destroyed country on their own (and there were – for the record – no Turks involved, the Turks came not earlier than the Sixties to Germany).

I do not hear them calling out to the Chinese to take millions of Europeans or to the Aborigines to take Thousands of not-Aborigines into their tribes, and even Israel makes no step to go into the „multicultural modus“ they just prescribed Europe.

Everyone stepping over the Saudi-Arabian border without Saudi-Arabian permission, will vanish. Forever!

Only seventy years of total brainwashing can explain that some upright White men still are more frightened that someone calls out the „Fourth Reich“ than by an invasion of millions of freeloading, disease-ridden young men with no prospects, by IS- terrorism and by the statement of our „elites“ that Europeans are people of second class.

(It is, by the way, very hard and in some cases impossible to get European (meaning WHITE) refugees (for example from the Ukraine) into Western Europe and especially into Germany. But if we should „help“, why don´t we care about other Whites fleeing from war and persecution – and why the rich Muslim oil-states don´t care about the persecuted Muslims, about the members of their community, of the „ummah“?)

It is all a play with perfect choreography, with actors that say one thing („multiculturalism has failed!“ / „We will close the borders!“) and do the opposite (letting millions of foreigners into the country / order the border patrol to let thousands a day through).

What is to be done?

No political party, no demonstration, no act of resistance will bring the solution. That does not mean that you should not vote for a right-wing party, if possible, or even become a member. That does not mean that you should not join „Pegida“ in Dresden or similar demonstrations in your neighborhood, this does not mean that you should not do everything in your power to fight this madness! You just should not hope that all of that will bring you to success and someone else will solve our problems.

If you want to survive, than first you have to learn to survive as an individual and you can improve your chances with prepping (from storing food to training self-defence) and you can promote these measures in your own circles. You have to understand that they want us all dead, they try to EXTINCT us and no political party, no talk show discussion and no nicely written article will change anything about those plans!

Then you have to learn to survive as a community, as a people, so you should not spit on your neighbors because they are blind, but in the best case you do the prepping for them, too, and when the crisis is there you have to help them, counsel them and show them that we can overcome all this when we just keep together!

You have to learn that even the best integrated, studied and mostly intelligent „Kopftuchmädel“ (girl with Muslim headscarf) and the Aramaic guy who lives has been living here for three generations can be – in a best case scenario – your allies, when there is temporally a match of interests, but never your brother in arms (even when you are personal friends). You must learn that in case of emergency it will not be important anymore which ideas, ideologies or religions one is a part of, but just if he is „one of us.“ We are not the dinosaurs who excavated the buried archaic conceit of the tribe – they forced us to it! If there were just a few hundred thousand foreigners in the White Countries who studied, worked and did their business here, everything would be FINE.

But there are EIGHT million Turks in Germany alone (and SEVEN million foreigners of other heritage), FIFTY MILLION Muslims in Europe – and these are the numbers from 2014, before the great wave of „refugees!!!“

The traitors say it openly: „Our countries will change strongly!“; we stand before „great challenges“; it will not be „without problems.“

What they really mean is: You´re out, they´re in!

And everyone who says now: „But Josef, my Aramaic friend is such a nice person!“ has understood nothing. No one denies that! But Josef will still be so very nice when he lives where his ancestors grew up – and Josef even could live among us without problems, when there were not millions of other „Josefs“ (and especially „Mohameds“) in our countries! But to justify the invasion of ever more and more foreign human beings with „Josef“ means:


All Whites who do not understand that should please search for another country that allows countless Whites a free house, salary and academic education and cares for them all day. What, there is no such country? Well, shit happens!


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