The peoples of the world against the New World Order

By Dunkler Phönix (original article here)

This is the third part of a trilogy for our English- speaking comrades. We would like to share how we Germans feel about the actual crisis.

The articles are meant to transport our message of despair and hope in the darkest hour of Germany and Europe to all our White brothers and sisters in the world

(Für die Deutschsprachigen): Dies ist Teil zwei einer Trilogie englischer Texte für unsere englischsprechenden Kameraden im Ausland. Bitte verbreitet sie, wo immer möglich, unter nichtdeutschen Mitstreitern (auch das nicht anglophone Ausland spricht ja meist Englisch als Fremdsprache).

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Good thoughts, bound to truth, grow and procreate. Lies wither and die!“


We Europeans do not need a „supremacy“ over other races, we do not line up to „save the world“, we just are here to defend our right to live, to secure our survival as a Race, to secure the survival of every single White people!

Even the Russians are one of us. The „White Alliance“ goes from Moscow to New York, from Oslo to Athens.

But it is (until now) only a thought construct. And our chances are not good. The enemy is overpowering, in a supreme strategic position, ruthless, backstabbing, and he is not only sitting in foreign countries, but is controlling our parliaments, our media, our economy and – of course – the banking system.

We have recognized that there is a war going on, the most evil and mean war ever. The goal of this war is not to control us or to rule over us, not greed for power or resources.

But to exterminate us like insects!

This is done still in a „soft“ way by letting millions of foreigners into our countries. But there are more and more signs: The events will turn. Soon! And even if it goes on and on like this, if we can keep our poor lives and sustain our place as slaves of the Jewish occupants – would not everyone of us, if he gets old and grey, trade every single moment of that for just one day of liberty?

Liberty begins in our heads. It is one thing to acknowledge the evilness of the enemy and his total supremacy about us, but it is an utterly different thing not to despair about it. But liberty also means not to give up hope, not to let the dark present overwhelm you.

The vision of many a great man is a free Europe without Jewish influence, without million-counting armies of foreign invaders, a Europe that is united in the sense that it lives in peace. That does not mean that there should be no more Russians, Englishmen or Greeks, this means only that we are natural allies.

The „European Union“ is not built to unite us, but to destroy us!

And there is nothing that keeps us from working against the New World Order with other races also, with awakened Blacks, with Arabs who do not want to accept the desecration of their countries and the bombing of their wives and children by the Jewish-controlled „United States.“

All peoples are united in their fight against the New World Order, because the NWO wants to destroy all peoples – beginning with us Whites. The Peoples just have to acknowledge that there will only be a small chance that we overcome hatred, envy and struggle if we fight united against the true enemy of mankind.

When we speak about the „supremacy“ of the White Race, we just point out the many developments Whites made, the great cultural achievements of our ancestors and the high standard of our civilization. That does not mean that other races have no right to live. Every people has the right to live in its own country under its own rules and cultural traditions. Foreign rule, even the rule of Whites above non-Whites we repudiate.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.“


Of course a German will always stand for Germany, a Russian for Russia and an American to his United States. But we must realize that this does not mean to stand for our governments. They are in the hands of our enemy and he will do everything to set up one against the other.

If we all learn not to hate each other but to think of ourselves as a common destiny which has to accomplish the greatest task in world history – the rescue of the human species in all its diversity and dignity – then we will stop to believe the mass media that tells Germans to hate Russians, Greeks will stop thinking that „the Germans“ are warring against them and American soldiers will refuse to die in some desert for the interests of the Jews and Israel (Obama’s generals refused to attack Syria, then – nearly magically – the threat of the „IS“ terror rose in the Levant) and people finally will realize that not the neighbour with his funny language and exotic food is the enemy, but that the CEOs of the big corporations are the enemy, the media and the ones who sit in high ranks in the governments in Berlin, New York, Tel Aviv and Moscow, that the enemies have to be exposed as enemies and the traitors have to be dealt with merciless.

Many ask nowadays if the time of the White civilization is just over, but I say: It is just in the brink of its beginning! It begins now, as we decide not to vanish quietly from history, as we decide to live.

Yes, if we fight, we might lose. But if we don´t, we lose certainly! Most of us have forgotten what „defeat“ means in total war. We should learn it from our grandparents.

There is no alternative, we must fight, even if the big part of our kinsmen does not even understand us (yet).

We must not loose our courage and have to care for the really important things: Family, children, community, friendship (even across borders), enlightenment of our sleeping kinsmen and preparation for the worldwide resistance against the New World Order.

This may even be the answer to the question why they hate us so much. This Faustian spirit, not to give up, not to let them enslave us, the perpetual rattling on the chains they bound us with, the unconquerable will to truth and liberty – this is what they fear the most!

Just think about it: In their eyes we are nothing but cattle. And cattle is not allowed to prowl lonely in the woods. But this is exactly what we Germanic wolves lust for, for this liberty, which is in essence a liberty of Judea and its false promises of a life behind pleasant fences.

The sheep fears the open gate, we do not need open gates, we will scratch on the railing until they fall to pieces and the whole fucking system goes to Hades!

I do not know if we will build something like a „paradise on Earth“ then or if we will repeat the mistakes of history. But I really want to find out!

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